Review by Ashley Strutt [01.18.15]


Hailing from Italy, Wind Rose start 2015 with their second full length release, 'Wardens of the West Wind'. This five piece band which was formed in 2009, saw a line up change last year when new bass player Cristiano Bertocchi joined the band. There does not seem to be much change in the musical direction on this new offering of Progressive/ Power metal. However, the album itself seems to show a variety of other influences and styles creeping into the mix.


Straight from the start of track one I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard, as I was not sure what to expect with the prog label being touted. What quickly hit my ears I consider more metal than prog, I would go as far to say there was a little folk and symphonic metal in the mix as well. The vocals on each of the tracks were in a clear power metal style and gave the songs justice. The mix/production level  through out sounded as though it was set at the right level to give the guitars, drums and other instruments justice with nothing over powering anything else.


The guitar work, both electric and acoustic,  through out the album is well done and blew me away in places with some fast pieces of lead work. The orchestral tracking isn't over baring and is less noticeable in parts but fit nicely with the music.


This release is similar to the bands first release but appears to be faster and heavier. It is still in the same vein and style but with a sound that suggests that the band as matured. I felt that this albums sound was a breath of fresh air and I can fully recommend it.












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