Review by Ashley Strutt [01.18.15]


I have been a fan of French band Whyzdom since their first release and just has I was wondering what was happening with them and if they had anything new, this album appears. It is their third full length offering and first with singer Marie Rouyer. Their have a strong symphonic sound with choir backing featuring in many tracks. Whyzdom were founded in 2007 with the debut 'From the Brink of Infinity' being released in 2009 which was followed up with 'Blind' in 2012. Both releases has seen the music from this band grow with their sound getting more mature and stronger with each release.


With a typical symphonic introduction, complete with choir there is a gradual build up of the heavier guitars and drums. The mix and production of the tracks gives a more or less equal emphasis to the orchestral and metal parts as required to fit in with the song. Very often it sounds as there is an orchestra in the studio with the band playing at the same time although I expect that they were actually recorded separately. The female vocals are clear, semi operatic at times with occasional growling male vocals where required within the song. The range of the guitars, both in style and speed is widely varied. At times it is fast but tuneful and others rather slow depending on the song, always fitting in with the way that the song is song. The drums aren't over powering but fit nicely with everything else being played and sound perfect within the sound on offer.


The band appear to have musically advanced with this release and I can fully recommend it. I also look forward to seeing this band live sometime.











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