Review by Ashley Strutt [10.04.14]


Viathyn is a new one to me but I was pleasantly surprised on how their music grew on me throughout the album. Formed in 2006 in Calagary , Canada, Viathyn are a four piece progressive power band. Their sound is known for being one that grows, progresses and shifts naturally in tone without falling victim to over production. They have one previous full length release 'The Peregrine Way', this being their second which appears to be more technical, faster and heavier.


The first track starts with a intro which builds up for when the guitars and drums kick in. The guitar work is fast and the drums are very pronounced but not over done and give a perfect feel to the track. The vocals are clean, somewhat in the vein of other bands in the prog rock genre but in this case are more in fitting with the power metal genre with some harder growling vocals heard in some of the other tracks when its called for, they know what vocal style to use to fit the song. The keyboards aren't overly done but produced in a way that fits within the track were they are best suited, something that is evident throughout the record although it appears that there is less emphasis in later tracks. The combination of progressive rock and power metal makes for a somewhat unusual combination that works well. This is one album that deserves a careful listen, not played in the back ground but deliberate listening as there is a lot of detailed work throughout. Not just with the tracks but within the tracks themselves as there is a lot of creativity at work here. It appears that each track is set in sections which are played at different speeds or tempos. Throughout there is some fine guitar work which adds to the at times atmospheric sound within the record.


This is one album which I enjoyed and will certainly enjoy noticing new parts each time I listen to it.






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