Unleash the Archers | Time Stands Still

Review by Ashley [08.03.15]


Unleash the Archers are a female fronted five piece melodic power metal band hailing from Vancouver/Victoria British Columbia. Formed in 2007 by Scott Buchanan and Brittney Slayes they have gone through a number of line up changes to get to the one on this release which is their first on Napalm Records. This is the third full release for unleash the Archers as well as also one EP under their belt.


As always with new bands to me I approached the play button with an open mind not knowing what to expect with a female fronted power metal band. With these words I seem to imagine something somewhat symphonic, oh I was blown away. This was full on power vocals, clean female vocals with unclean male vocals thrown in , perfect!


The musicianship displayed was brilliant. The guitar work was mind blowing fast which at times seemed to reach in to a more thrash sound but still very strong power induced.  All guitars are featured throughout with the Bass given occasional parts during the record to shine through and come to the fore, something I don't remember noticing much with other releases. The drums are also given ample opportunity when the need arises but are well placed in the music to be well heard but not over powering. All this clearly shows that who ever did the production and mix were able to bring out the best of all the band members.


I strongly recommend this album if you want straight up power metal with a difference, it will likely be in my top 10 this year.













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