Review by Scott "Dimetime" Nadeau [11.05.13]


It’s been almost 4 years since the release of 2009’s Diabolical release" Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" and for some of us the wait has felt longer than it actually has. In a perfect world Tyrants Blood would be on top of the world, Selling out shows, touring with larger scale bands or even headlining larger venues and garnering tons of publicity for their newest release "Into The Kingdom Of Graves". Instead they have remained an intense and very solid part of the Vancouver underground since they formed in 2005.


The artwork for the album is definitely easy on the eyes to say the least the colors are very neutral but dispersed well enough for the cover art to be visually appealing while still giving off an ominous feeling, exactly what you wold expect from a band of this caliber.


Into the kingdom Of Graves is exactly what you would expect from a band that contains former members of Blackened Death metal legends Blasphemy, Very Heavy, Very Dark , Very intense and at first listen the brutality presented from song to song can be difficult to absorb but after 2-3 spins you really get a sense of what this album is all about and any fan of extreme metal will be watering at the mouth after listening to this.


Something you don’t see a lot in this genre is bass heavy riffs but the way Vinnie Borden writes these riffs and thunders through the songs is unprecedented most notably on the songs "Spiral Sea" and "within Outer Scars". The greats need to make room for him in their inner circle. Drummer Matt Moder delivers a very solid performance while flawlessly blast beating in an almost beautiful sort of way, being very intense but orchestrated so that it is just enough to make the tracks stand out without overpowering his standout track on this album is "Conjure The Watcher" it has the perfect mix of melody and aggression. Let’s also not forget the incredible guitar work from guitarist and founder Marco Banco. This man is truly one of the best guitarist Vancouver has to offer and is very notable as an extreme guitar player. His riffs are dark, heavy and evil. When you think blackened death metal this is the man you should worship by all sense of the word.


I would say the best part of this album though is the vocal switch between Brian Langley and Vinnie Borden. Where Brian delivers a very gruff death growl to the band Vinnie introduces a very raspy almost black metal scream making the vocal melodies flow almost seamlessly to the point where you really don’t want the album to end.


There are a lot of try hard’s out there and a lot of mediocre bands in the genre which makes Tyrants Blood really stands out from the Crowd. Their sheer aggression and musical proficiency have put them on their own playing field. They have once again delivered a stand out album in the genre, It picks up right from the get go and does not let up.


High: absolutely Relentless .The sheer aggression of this release is sure to please fans of extreme metal in all its forms.


Lows: Can be a bit too intense for some listeners.


Bottom Line: another very solid release from these Blackened Death Titans and if you’re an extreme metal fan this is a must own.


4.5/5 stars.

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