Review by Ashley [03.18.15]


Despite being in existence since the late nineties Slovakian Tristana have only released two full length albums with Virtual Crime their third being released on the Italian label, Bakerteam records. Since the beginnings they have under gone a number of changes both in band members and style. Originally they began with a heavy speed metal emphasis but have now progressed to an alternative metal style with a little goth mixed in. They take inspiration from the wilds of the Carpathian mountains and incorporate it into their music which appears to be an ever changing style, possibly due to the varying influences of the band members.


The introduction to this cd made me think I was in the wrong place like a night club but after a few seconds the good stuff kicked in, strong heavy drums and loud guitars, The industrial stuff rejoined the instrumental sound giving a combined sound that was unusual for what I normally listen to,but which I quickly started to rather like. This maybe that it wasn't actually over bearing upon on the finished songs although it was very evident in varying degrees throughout the album and certainly gave each track added pleasure.  The vocals had a good degree of range but done right to give each song the right sound and to me this is a sign of an excellent vocalist. On a number of the tracks the vocals had a combination of the full metal range from clear to throaty gruff which gave the illusion of being similar in the way that male and female  vocalists work together in other bands. The drums on the songs seem to come and go, dominant in places and faded a little bit towards the back in other places. As this CD played through the tracks this album started to grow on me so I began to notice the little things which ensured that this release is going to get many more listens.





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