Review by Ashley Strutt [02.18.15]


Them County Bastardz are a new band having been formed in 2013 in Canada (Essex county). Sick Daze is to be released through Smoke House records in February 2015. The sound of this band has been described as being old school metal with a back forty and they had fun doing it. I would go as far to say that this has a strong southern rock feel about it as well.


First impressions is that I had when the music blasted out was of a traditional metal type sound with elements of several other influences. Because there appears to be several influences the sound itself is one that I cannot place but the not to fast speed of the music makes it appealing and will likely grow even more on me with a few more listens. The guitar sound is very distorted with other elements of the tracks sounding somewhat raw the way it has been mixed/produced. Later tracks on this release contain guitar work that is less distorted and somewhat cleaner. The vocals remind me of Zakk Wild while there is also quite a percentage of talking style vocals mixed with some that sound like they were done through a load hailer. The music is of the type where you can visualize the band making it over a few beers, has it has the sound of the band having a party in the studio and making some decent music at the same time. Because several different voices can be heard throughout the record it gives the impression that more people were present during the recording than the five members in the band.


If you love southern rock splice with a little fusion metal then this may well be for you.



Ashley Strutt










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