Review by Mark Dillon [08.31.14]


The Order of Israfel bring together a divers blend of doom, retro rock and all around heaviness. “Wisdom” the band’s debut album is out via Napalm Records and is the latest project from former Church of Misery guitarist Tom Sutton. This album brings to mind the glory days of Hellhound records and the incredible doom metal that was being released in the early 90s by bands such as Saint Vitus, Count Raven, and Lost Breed. This album counterpoints the doomy pieces with straight up rockers like “The Noctuus” and “Born For War” there is even an acoustic laden somewhat folksy track called” The Earth Will Deliver What Heaven Desires” but the true masterpiece is the epic 15 minute slab of doom called “Promises Made to the Earth”.



The production on “Wisdom” is fitting, it feels natural and organic. Like a good doom album should.  Your ears are met with a  huge wall of guitar, thick but not muddy. The vocal delivery is good, sometimes layered and other times stark and alone.


The Order of Israfel are not afraid of taking chances, this album goes many different places. At times doom records can be  a one trick pony and often that one trick is very good but The Order of Israfel pushes them selves in many musical directions.  At its hart “Wisdom”  is a retro doom occult record but just calling it that does not do it justice. It’s full of well crafted dark and beautiful songs. The band has created a powerful and moving debut.



Mark Dillon


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