Review by Mark Dillon [10.04.14]


Yet another fitting Halloween release from  Hells Headbangers. The Lurking Corpses’s “Workin' For The Devil” is certainly a mixed bag, a mixed bag of gory little dead things. Nailing down the bands sound is no easy task, there is definitely a Misfits influence and the albums opener “Workin' for the Devil” has shades of Mercyful Fate. The band also throws down some killer thrashy riffs and somewhere in there Iron Maiden also pops up.  In short the The Lurking Corpses’s sound is schizophrenic.


There is no mistaking that the theme of “Workin' For The Devil” is horror, there are samples of “Classic” horror films scattered throughout  the album. There is even a song about one of my favorite 80’s horror movies “The Gate”. The song shares the title with the film and my favorite line from the track is “Afraid, the terror has just begun, A heavy metal record spun”. It’s hard not to love an album that has such an affection for the horror genre.


The musical performance on “Workin' For The Devil” is solid, there are some killer riffs in there but the real stand out is the vocals. Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul changes vocal styles as much as the music does. Going from death metal growls to King Diamond-esque shrieks then rounding it out with a whole lot of Danzig like crooning.


The Lurking Corpses’s latest album is dam fine but not without fault.  “Workin' For The Devil” seems to run out of steam near the end of the album, tracks like “No One Will” and “In Hell (I Wait for You)” really take the wind out of the sails. The record does pick up after that and even ends off with a cover of the Slayer track Tormentor. I think the groups pension for jumping between genres  may turn some people off, I for one enjoy it. “Workin' For The Devil” is fun horror metal album and a perfect fit for this time of year.




Mark Dillon


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