Review by Mark Dillon [08.26.14]


The Body Politic combines staccato rhythms with catchy vocal melodies and blends them in a killer progressive metal package. “Egressor” their new six song EP is a short but extensive slice of modern metal.



  The production on “Egressor” is top notch and the musicianship, well where do I even begin. Most of the members of The Body Politic studied Jazz at the Vancouver Island University and while this EP doesn’t sound at all jazzy it does showcase a group of musicians who have clearly spent a lot of time mastering their instruments.  “Egressor” has some Djent  elements but there is a lot more going on than just down tuned chugging polyrhythms the EP is equally melodically complex as it is rhythmically.



  I’ll have to admit that the style of metal  The Body Politic plays usually doesn’t appeal to me, but there is no denying that “Egressor” is a great album. If I had to have one complaint it is the it is too short, after the final track “Irradiate” ended I wanted to hear more. This album deserves allot of attention and I hope it gets it. Go get your grubby little hands on The Body Politics’ Egressor



Mark Dillon


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