Review by Mark Dillon [08.31.14]


“Slab City” is the debut full length form UK stoner rock group Steak, one of 3 dam fine stoner rock records released by Napalm Records this month (see review section for Lonely Camel and The Order of Israfel reviews). Steak delivers  a fuzzed out dusty desert style of stoner rock with some spacey elements thrown in for good measure, let’s call it Interstellar dust rock. In all seriousness “Slab City” is dam a good stoner rock album.


If you are a fan of Kyuss , Steaks’ latest release will appeal to you. The album even features a guest appearance by former Kyuss and current Vista Chino vocalist John Garcia on the track “Pisser”. Don’t get me wrong Steak are not a Kyuss clone at all but the influence can definitely be heard. There is also a Monster Magnet vibe to some sections as well, none of these are bad things but it will give you a sense of where “Slab City” is coming from.


The production on “Slab City” is solid, dirty enough to add character but also the instruments are given space to breathe. I love the guitar tone, huge and fuzzy. The stand out track for me is the 8 minute epic “Rising” it showcases the best elements of the band, great groovy riffs with a powerful vocal delivery.


Steaks’ “Slab City” is a great debut. If you are a stoner rock fan you fill find many things to enjoy about this record.  Sit back, turn up the volume and let the groups spacey stoner rock grooves take you away.



Mark Dillon


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