Review by Ashley Strutt [11.29.14]


Hailing from Reykjavík , Iceland, Skalmold deliver some killer Viking/Folk metal. I have been a fan of the band since their debut album Balbur which was released in 2010. The groups latest album “Með vættum” continues the bands tradition of releasing incredibly solid Viking themed metal albums.


As on their previous albums Skalmolds’ “Með vættum” is entirely sung in Icelandic. As metal heads we are often exposed to music that is not sung in whatever native language we speak, I don’t think Skalmolds’ choice to sing in their mother tongue will hinder you enjoyment of this record. Vocalist Björgvin Sigurðsson’s delivery is strong and the melodies are memorable, even if you can’t sing along with them.


It would be easy to compeer Skalmold to their contemporaries like Tyr or even Amon Amarth. They do share some musical and thematic similarities with both, but there is one band I couldn’t help but be reminded of while listing to “Með vættum” and that is Metallica. I’m not talking about “I am the table” Metallica,  but the classic “Master of Puppets” ‘tallica. Skalmold doesn’t sound like an 80’s thrash band by any means but there is definitely an influence there, and that’s not a bad thing.


There are other bands out there delivering a similar style of metal and Skalmold often seems overlooked because of it, but believe me when I say they deserve your attention. Með vættum is an album full of depth and character, its Viking Metal with power and heart.









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