Review by Mark Dillon [11.07.14]


 Sister Sins’ fifth  album “Black Lotus” is a killer piece of traditional heavy metal loaded with infectious choruses and pounding rhythms. There are a lot of old school sounding metal bands popping up lately and many of them seem to forget that one of the most important things about heavy metal is, it should be fun. Sister Sin has created a record that is just that, a hell of a lot of head banging fist pounding fun.


 Vocalist Liv Jagrell has a great powerful throaty delivery. She sometimes brings to mind Sebastian Bach in his Skid Row days, not that Liv sounds like Bas but she does deliver vocal lines with the same sort of power. The rhythm section is rock solid and Guitar Player Jimmy Hiltula pulls off some tasty leads. But the real stand out on “Black Lotus” is the song writing.


 I am a sucker for a catchy chorus that you can’t help but sing along to and this album is full of them. Some of the stand out tracks are “Chaos Royale”, the band released a video for this one, “Count Me Out”, and my personal favorite “Au Revoir”. This hook laden record just hits you right in the chest.

Sister Sin have pulled out all the stops on this latest album, the song writing is tight and the production is rock solid. If you are looking for a Heavy Metal record that is inspired, exciting, and ultimately a hell of a lot of fun be sure to check out “Black Lotus”.







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