Review by Ashley Strutt [02.18.15]


Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, Savage Machine released 'Through the Iron Forest' in September last year. This is their first release under this band name, originally known as Momentum they released a demo and EP. However, all that has changed is the name, it is still the same band with the same sound. They describe their sound as being 'no bullshit, just old school heavy metal'.


On first listen the band immediately live up to their claim, the music does indeed sound like traditional heavy metal, extremely well done at that and strongly reminds me of the music that I first heard in the 1980's and still listen to today. I would say that if this had been released during that period then it would have been one of the better releases. The sound itself is a fine example of galloping guitars and drums with vocals that neither growl or sound wimpy but have a good and solid strength to them. The tracks themselves have plenty of variety between them with no track lacking. They seem to have been put into an order on this release that take you on a journey of metal pleasure through a Iron Forest. The mix and production of this release hasn't been over done, and as a slight raw edgy sound in places. Even though the music is described as galloping there are enough changes in the speed of the guitars to suggest that not all of the tracks can be given this description.


This release may well end up being a constant companion through my travels this year and I can certainly recommend it.



Ashley Strutt












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