Review by Scotty 'Dimetime' Nadeau [01.30.15]


Lets take a minute to look at the history of Satan's Host. Started in 1986 by guitarist Patrick Evil and Leviathan Thisirenor you might know him better as Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin of Titan Force and Jag Panzer. They Released one album in 1988

Entitled Metal From hell before disbanding. they Reunited in 2000 with a new singer before Conklin cam back in 2009, after playing the Keep it true festival in Germany the band kicked right back into songwriting mode.


The Release of Pre-dating God Parts 1&2(2cd) marks a huge comeback for the band and let me be the first to say that they came back with a thunderous roar. The back bone of Satan's Host is undoubtedly Harry Conklin. His Vocal range covers

everything from deep lows to high piercing screams and patrick evils riffs add so much intensity to the songs. The Album starts off with hells' disciples adding a great start to the album with Conklin sounding a mix between Warrel Dane and Terry Jones of Pagan Altar. Keeping with the roots of heavy metal this album is kept very pure and old school from the first second to the last, while songs like  "Embers Of Will” show that Conklin can sing very deep but still hit falsetto like screams this song in particular sends a very dark vibe. A nice surprise on this album was a fairly decent cover of Grim Reaper's "See you in Hell". Their cover has a darker vibe to it but their take on the chorus section with a steady double kick that adds so much power to an already incredible song.


Sometimes there does seem to be some repetitiveness in Patricks Riffs but that isn't necessarily a bad thing cause it lends itself to the classic feel of this album. It is not often that you find a band these days maintaining this level of old school meets classic heavy metal and Satan's Host is a band that deserves much more credit then they receive.


Highs:  Deep Dark feel of the song Fanning the Flames of Hell and the Grim Reaper cover


Lows: some riffs seem to be repetitive.


Bottom Line: great comeback album from a very under appreciated band and a must listen to for fans of Jag Panzer and Sanctuary.










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