Review by Mark Dillon [06.05.14]


What Psychotic Gardening offer on Hymnosis is a huge slab of doom laden black metal. The groups forth full length album is frighteningly heavy.  There is more than enough variety on this album to keep the listener interested. The  opening track “Origin of the Infection” is a faster track with punishing double kick, the second song “Defile” has a great head banging groove and the song that follows “Re-Hybridized Strain” is an incredibly heavy doom piece. Just three songs in and Psychotic Gardening has already offered up more diversity than most modern metal bands can muster in a full album.


The production on Hymnosis is dense and dark and certainly adds to the atmosphere.  The wall of guitars accompanied with Chris Gills layered vocals are menacing.  Psychotic Gardening also take on the Death classic “Open Casket” and it is just killer. The final song “journey to the Sun” approaches on the gothic doom side of things, it’s a little bit of a departure from the rest of the album and if I had to complain about anything it is that I would like to hear more songs like it.


Hymnosis is just a  deadly mix of death, doom and black metal and has enough musical twists and turns to keep any metal fan engaged.


4 out of 5

Mark Dillon


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