Review by Mark Dillon [11.07.14]


   In 1986 Frank Zappa asked the question “Does Humor Belong in Music?” The short answer is, yes of course it does. That is especially true for metal, a genre that prides its self on being over the top and at many times bordering on the ridiculous. As metal fans we often take our selves way to seriously ( I am looking at you black metal fans) to the outside world songs about Dragons, Satan, and Vikings are just silly but to a lot of us they are the pinnacle of artistic expression. My point is that we need to take some time to laugh at ourselves,  Psychosticks’ latest  “IV: Revenge of the Vengeance” gives us that opportunity.


  Psychostick is not a metal parity band; they are a great metal band with funny songs. “IV: Revenge of the Vengeance” starts off with a movie style trailer that sets you up for the insanity that will follow. There are songs about Anatidaephobia  (which is the irrational fear that one is being watched by a duck), Bruce Campbell , and even a song the gives accurate information on how to help someone that is choking. The album also has some skits that introduce songs, my favorite being the one that introduces the song “So Heavy” in which the band tries to tune to H flat.


  The production on “IV: Revenge of the Vengeance” is great. On an album that’s main focus is humor Psychostick didn’t forget to make it pleasing to listen to. The songs are well written and will warrant many relistens . Often with funny songs they loos there charm after the first listen but Psychostick has taken great care to write tracks that are both fun and memorable.


  Its hard to review an album like “IV: Revenge of the Vengeance”, it’s a  incredibly fun listen but that’s hard to convey in a review. Just go check it out it will but a smile on your face. I forgot to mention there is a song called “NSFW” that only contains the word fuck. This three minute and 14 second long song contains so many fucks that it probably should be considered for a Guinness world record, and there is a cover of “Danger Zone”. You should probably stop reading this and go buy the album now.








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