Review by Ashley Strutt [08.26.14]


This release is my introduction to Protokult, a Folk metal band based in Canada with members from various European countries with traditional folk music from each of the different countries showing through in the music on this release . The folk sound is combined with a blend of thrash and black metal with no over bearing towards either one. 'No Beer in Heaven' is the bands first full length release with the current line up with a previous release having been released in 2012.


The tracks on the CD vary in speed from fast in places to a slightly slower pace in others with the haunting female voice and gruff male voice complimenting each other through out. Although the tracks sound different to each other they run in an order which allows the songs to compliment each other. As with many bands of this genre, you can hear more than just guitars, bass and drums which is one of the things I like about the tracks, a lot going on but all put together to form the perfect sound. It is also noticeable that, to my ears at least, none of the instruments have been mixed to over power more than others but come in to there own at the right time. One track in particular came to the fore as it was sung in one of the bands native language, somehow this adds to the sound on the album with its atmospheric sound which occurs at points through out the record.


Most bands go on the road to promote the CD and encourage fans to buy it but this album would actually encourage me to go and see the band. The music speaks and says that this band will be well worth watching live.



Ashley Strutt


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