Review by Ashley Strutt [10.04.14]


Italian band Planethard is a new band for me and straight away I really like them. They take me back to my roots in the hardrock of the late 1980's and early 1990's. Formed in 2004, they started out as a cover band but quickly moved to doing their own with a release in that same year (So Good) with a follow up in 2007 (Crashed on Planethard). They are a mix of 80's rock and modern metal, I would possibly say power metal also comes through occasionally. This release, Hard, is with a new singer and their first on Scartlet Records.


The opening track hits you with a powerful guitar sound and a pronounced hard hitting drum sound. Great riffs combined with hard rocking vocals takes you on an audio pleasure journey through the album. Each track is different and varied, not just each track but the sound varies within each track which is nice as it makes and ensures that the song isn't the same all the way through. This may be due to the variations within the guitar work and is obvious whether you have it blasting out the speakers or through headphones. I don't know if it is just me but I am sure that I can here some Metallica influences within some of the tracks, other influences can also be heard but overall the sound is one that is unique and stands out from a lot of other releases.


This sound appears to follow the current trend of bands presenting a sound of hard hitting rock and roll with foundations set in the 80's but brought into the 21st century. Technically, the sound is one that matured within a music genre to a refined point that is likely to be acceptable to most people including some main stream.






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