Review by Mark Dillon [12.06.13]


Phantom’s "Incendiary Serum" is a delightfully dark piece of doom laden black metal. This is the band’s debut  and what Phantom has created here is an extremely dark atmosphere coupled with strong song writing.  I was trying to find a band to compeer Phantoms to but nothing comes to mind. There are many familiar elements on "Incendiary Serum" but what the band has created is something original. The mix of doom ,black,  and death metal weave together nicely and seem to complement each other rather than clash.


 One of my favorite part of Phantom’s "Incendiary Serum" is the sparing use of piano. I have always enjoyed the sound of a piano in black metal especially when it is used to accentuate the atmosphere. Sometimes a simple one handed melody on a piano can convey more emotion than a full band. The Piano section in the track “Ghostly”  is both dreamlike and terrifying, while the heavy guitars off the top of the song sound menacing .


 The thing that enjoyed most about "Incendiary Serum" is the sense of melody throughout the album.  Even fast pick tremolo sections Phantom still manages to convey a melodic sensibility. Some of the stand out tracks on the album are “Mass Murder”, “The Ancient Unspeakable” , and like I mentioned earlier “Ghostly”. Overall "Incendiary Serum" is a dam fine debut, Phantom live up to there name by creating an ominous sense of dread throughout the album. I hope to hear a lot more from this band in the future.


rating: 85/100

Mark Dillon

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