Review by Mark Dillon [07.08.14]


I have all ways had a soft spot for 70’s hard rock. There is a reason that people still buy 40 year old records from bands like, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, and Black Sabbath. Those bands and their like took the dark sensibilities of the blues combined with the experimentation of the 60’s psychedelic bands and created music that was both menacing and sublime.  Order of the Solar Temple  continues this fine tradition in the modern day.


There has been a glut of occult retro rock bands in the past few years but Vancouver’s Order of the Solar Temple sets themselves apart. This 3 piece is not just trend hopping they seem to have a deep respect for the music of the past and are not just paying tribute to it, they feel like a natural continuation of classic hard rock.


Vocalist and multi instrumentalist M. Emery has a Soulful and dramatic delivery, and on some songs even manages to hit Ian Gillian like screams. The guitar solos are bluesy and tasteful and the drums while not over bearing add a solid groove.


Order of the Solar Temple has put together a great collection of songs. There are some many memorable tracks on this album with killer guitar riffs and awesome vocal hooks. The lead of track “Fallout Women” brings to mind the likes of Cream and the song “The Cult of Rock and Roll” may be a little reminiscent of Thin Lizzy (that’s not a bad thing) the band does have their own sound. Order of the Solar Temple wears their influences on their sleeve but when your influences are some of the best rock groups ever that’s a good thing.


If you want some killer retro sounding hard rock get Order of the Solar Temples’ new record now, you won’t be disappointed.


4 out of 5



Mark Dillon


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