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Review by Ashley [10.31.15]



It seems like only yesterday that I wrote the review for One Machines d├ębut release, the past weekend saw the release of their second full release, 'The Final Cull' released through Scarlet records. This release sees a line up change with Chris Hawkins (Endeavor) on vocals, Michele Sanna on drums and Steno Selvatico (ex Savage Messiah) on bass joining the band. The sound is definitely thrash but appears to have other influences creeping in to add to the sound. A look at the song titles suggests straight away that this release may be a concept album. The Final Cull was recorded live in the studio,  I am sure that the sound of the album certainly as benefited. As with all follow ups a fan will always see if there is some difference or improvement on the first, there is a big improvement on the first in the quality of the sound.


Straight in with track one is a hard hitting in your face sound. The guitars show a maturity of playing that comes from the experience of a long career players, something which shines throughout all of the tracks on this release. Although One Machine carry the thrash metal label there is a good variation within the sound of the guitar sound, from fast, hard heavy playing to the calmed down acoustic sound at the start of 'Ashes in the Sky'.


The vocals also show a good mature range, giving each track its own individuality by the way that it is sung and presented. The sound is that of what I would call tradition metal with no real deep throat growling. The drums on this release are also excellent with a degree of variation between the tracks to keep things interesting. The drums like every other sound heard has been well mixed and balanced into the overall sound. The bass playing also shines within the music and doesn't over power. Some orchestration is also present on some tracks but this has not been over done and seems to have been used to add some form of atmosphere to the track that it is a part off.


Highly recommended!














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