One Machine | The Distortion of Lies and The Overdriven Truth

Review by Ashley [08.03.15]


One Machine are one of those bands that you discover by accident and in my case it was when I went to see them just to check them out. There was a hint of goodness when I went to buy the CD and they had sold out two shows earlier, mail order it was. One Machine are based in London but have an international mix of musicians within its ranks. The band is the brain child of Steve Smyth  of Testament, Dragonlord, Nevermore and a few other bands. The bands name rang bells but I couldn't really remember if I had heard any of their material, the sold out label where the cd's should be should have been a hint that they were good! This album is released on the Scarlet record label and is the bands debut.


The album in no way disappoints, throughout it is full on good old fashioned  thrash, with no filler tracks. The recorded sound seemed to have a slightly raw edge although production wise it is spot on. The guitar playing is varied with varying speeds from fast to faster but not what I call going fast for the hell of it. The result is guitar playing with a meaning and impressive, it doesn't sound restricted in any way and both guitarists work well together. The drums are nicely placed in the mix and not overbearing with the bass guitar audible and noticeable in places those giving all those playing an equal voice within the music being presented.


I can fully recommend this album and if they appear near you, go see them!




As I finish writing this I hear that their second album will be released in the Autumn.









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