Review by Mark Dillon [10.04.14]


“Soldiers of the Mark” the latest album from horror rockers New Jacobin Club is in my opinion the group’s strongest release to date, its infectious I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. In short, I love this fucking record.


The lead off track “The Mark” starts off with a killer groovy riff and the album just gets better from there. The songs on “Soldiers of the Mark” are high energy well written pieces of hard rock that leave a lasting impression.  Songs like “Champagne Ivy” and “Into the Fire” have choruses that are dam near impossible not to sing along to( the people standing next to me on the train took notice of this fact). The song “Seal of Metatron” has a much more sinister sound but is equally fitting in the albums overall theme. The only downfall is the song “Garthim”, it’s Partly instrumental, partly a speech and probably does a lot to move the story of the album forward but I just found that it killed the momentum.


The New Jacobin Clubs’ musical performance on this release is dam fine, the rhythm section is just rocking and the guitar riffs are great. I really enjoyed the Cello sections but the inclusion of a Theremin really did it for me. You don’t hear Theremin on many albums and you should because they just that cool. The vocals on “Soldiers of the Mark” are top notch. I enjoy the combination of male and female vocals, it adds some great texture.


If I had to complain about one thing it would be the production. It is not bad by any means, you can hear every instrument clearly I just wish it sounded a bit crisper.


“Soldiers of the Mark” is a great horror rock record and New Jacobin Club is a great band. Their stage show alone  is enough reason to go see them live. There are not many albums that keep me coming back for more but “Soldiers of the Mark” is one of them. Go to their band camp page and get your grubby little hands on it.






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