Review by Will McGinnis [04.15.14]


This Brazilian band sure know how to make a power-trio work! One great song after another, these woman should make men shake in their boots - well, at least I did. Their first full-length album entitled “Victim of Yourself” is also one of their music video singles. The album totals twelve tracks altogether with three of them having video releases thus far.


 “Victim of Yourself” is quite the long thrash song which is fitting because if you think about it, becoming a victim of yourself can take serious time, especially if there are multiple forks in the road that you walk. Fernanda’s bass and vocal snarl are stellar and the crushing riffs and double kick drumming just might inspire you to push through the pain and overcome being a victim of yourself.


 The hand-picked single is titled “Death!” and has created some serious buzz in the metal community. The music video for the tune was taped in an abandoned cemetery, a fitting setting considering the track’s title. It's a very fast paced song with the mix having excellent clarity, particularly during the guitar solo. The band says that the song tells the story of a person being put to death, the reasoning behind that reality and their final thoughts during their last moments on Earth. Prika’s phrasing is particularly notable and really shines through in this tune.


 The other single they have is called, “Into Mosh Pit” and drummer Pitchu’s pounding intro really filled me with a sense of dread. This is another really fast paced song that you should turn up to 11 on your stereo, earbuds or whatever.


 “Victims of Yourself” was released recently in Europe and North America but sees the light of day in the band’s homeland of Brazil on March 30, 2014. I would suggest that this is one of the better thrash albums of the year so far so by all means go out and grab it. You’ll be glad you did.

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