Review by Mark Dillon [11.07.14]


When I first heard that Monster Magnet would be releasing a Re-Imagining of their 2013 album “Last Patrol” I was a bit skeptical. The fact that they chose to call it “Milking the Stars” at least showed that the band was aware that they were milking the last album for all it is worth. I read that David Wyndorf said that the album has "a weird 1960s vibe", and I believe that Monster Magnet are at their best when they are full on trippy and psychedelic  so I tried to approach this record with an opened mind.


“Milking the Stars” is not just a remixed version of “Last Patrol” it is actually a re-imagined version. The Album features four new songs, two live tracks and 6 reworked and rearranged tracks from the last record.


The album starts off with a rather lengthy instrumental  “Let the Circus Burn”, it’s a spacey sounding piece but doesn’t do a lot to propel the album forward. The next track is “Mindless Ones 68” a great reworking that might be even better than the original. The best new song on the album is “No Paradise for Me” , it’s a retro sounding mid tempo track that really brings to mind 1960’s rock.


“Milking the Stars” is a great companion piece to “Last Patrol”, if you are a Monster Magnet fan I think you will really enjoy this experiment. The band succeeds at creating a cool 60’s vibe.



Mark Dillon




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