Review by Ashley Strutt [08.26.14]


This was my introduction to this band and how I missed them before I have no idea. 'Chosen by Tengri' is the second full length release by Canadian band Mongol. A neat combination of folk and melodic death  metal with an slight oriental sound which the band say is inspired by the Mongolian hordes. As you listen through the tracks the influence is very much in evidence and done well.


When I pressed play it was bang! straight into a rock solid, explosive track which pretty much set the scene for the rest of the record. From the second track onwards the Mongolian influence is much more in evidence depending on the track and done in way that it fits nicely into the general aura of each track. What I really find interesting about this music is the contrast between the calming oriental tunes with traditional instruments and the melodic sound of distorted guitars and a double bass drum hammering away. I totally love this combination and every time I listen to this CD I seem to notice something new within the tracks which makes listening much more of pleasure and fun. The balance between the instruments is near perfect because there is no overpowering of one over the other but they do seem to have parts within each track when the dominate but this is a benefit to the music as it makes the listener take notice as to what is truly going on.



Ashley Strutt


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