Review by Ashley [03.18.15]


Mist Weaver are a five peace hailing from Burgos, Spain. They formed in October 1997 and released their debut in January 1998, this has since been followed by three more full length releases, with Nocturnal Bloodshed on Suspiria Records being their 5th. The band itself as under gone a number of changes over the years with the current line up producing a melodic death metal sound with a number of other influences resulting in the current slightly difficult to place sound.


When I first saw the name of the band I was expecting a symphonic band but with the introduction of the first track that impression soon went out the window because it was obvious that this would be a strong death metal sounding release with plenty of melodic and slight gothic sounds.  Strong guitar work throughout kept my interest up and just blew me away with the variety of speed and variation from fast to a little slower speed/tempo . The drum sound is not overly powerful in places within a number of the songs. Then in other tracks they are very up front.  This is one of those records which can bring little surprises like when the electric guitars are replaced by acoustic guitars when you least suspect. The variations in the vocal range was also noticeable and changed according to the track. Even the parts within, adding to the effect that the vocalist was looking for with each song. The addition of female vocals added to the appeal of some of the tracks. The production was as expected with the genre which the band have placed themselves in but also adds to the other influences which have crept into the sound.









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