Review by Ashley Strutt [10.04.14]


I have heard this band off and on for the past couple of years, often coming up in my Spotify radio feeds, with the tracks often getting added to my favourite playlist. Mastercastle, a four piece band from Italy, were formed in 2008 by Pier Gonella and Giargic Gueglio. They formed the band with the idea of creating music that had no fixed genre in a natural way although the sound could be described as heavy/power metal and neoclassical metal. This is their 5th full length offering but first on the Scarlet record label and is their heaviest to date.


The first track of the album begins with the musical elements coming in which then slow at the point in which the vocals begin. The riff for this track is one that will possibly stick in mind for a while, the same goes for the solo it is that memorable. The female vocals is clear but not of the operatic type. The music itself flows nicely as if it comes natural of inside those who are playing. Some keyboard work is present but not overly emphasized although at times during the album it is not of the kind of thing that you find on a metal/rock album. At time the keyboards do actually add a nice atmosphere to the sound. The drums are nicely produced although not always 'in your face' so that it does not over power the music. The guitar work is varied throughout the album with strong riffs and an explosive lead sound. The music through out record sounds as though it is being played how the band wanted it to be and trying to fit in to a genre is very difficult, it is that varied. All of the tracks are varied but flow well into each other with no fillers, it is that strong an album.


This release is one of those that will grow on me the more that I listen to it.






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