Review by Kieron Yates [09.03.13]


Napalm Records has a trio of killer stoner rock releases this month, The Order of Israfel, Steak, and Lonely Kamels latest “Shit City”. Lonely Kamel deliver an excellent mix of hard rocking riffs with a blues soul. This follow up to 2011’s “Dust Devil” definitely out does its predecessor. “Dust Devil” was a good album but “Shit City” is an exceptional stoner rock record.


The vocals on “Shit City” are delivered with a soulful and bluesy tinge. My only problem is that sometime they end up buried in the mix especially on the title track. A big reason for the vocals seeming to be taking a back seat is because of the gigantic sounding rhythm section. The album is full of catchy 70’s inspired guitar riffs and some great blues inspired licks. The track “Is it Over?” has a classic British blues bent , bringing to mind Peter Green in some places.


There seems to be a lot of bands lately playing a similar style of music as Lonely Kamel, this retro rock return to the roots sort of thing. Don’t let that dissuade you , this band plays with a lot of hart. That becomes very evident in 9 well constructed tracks on this record.


“Shit City” is a stoner rock album with the emphasis on rock, it does take some time to slow down for a brief minute but “bang” you get slammed in the face with a big ass guitar riff. If you like rock music played the right way, by that I mean as loud as hell whit a lot of feeling you must check out Lonely Kamels’ “Shit City”. This record is just kicking my ass.



Mark Dillon


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