Review by Reverend Rock [01.10.14]


This new release from the Netherland’s Legion of the Damned (LOTD) is set to rip your face off and spit it viciously back into the bloody, gaping hole.


Admittedly I was not familiar with LOTD prior to this review assignment but I can categorically state that I am very pleased to have made their aural acquaintance.  Ravenous Abominations is the band’s 6th full length disc of violently pleasant thrash/death metal under this moniker and 11th if you include their work under their former name, Occult.  The original band existed from the early ‘90’s to 2005 then continued with some member changes as LOTD.


‘Ravenous Abominations’ is a huge album sonically, beginning with a symphonic bit of urgency titled, “The Apocalyptic Surge”; once the string section has set the tone the guitars rip into “Howling For Armageddon” which will have you banging your head in whiplash fashion within the first 2 bars. From there you’ll be taken on a phenomenal thrash journey that really needs to be heard in its entirety to be fully appreciated.


Lyrically the band focuses on typical death metal themes such as violence, aggression, anti-religious and generally dark themes.  Suffice it to say that if your boss/parents/significant other has seriously pissed you off then this album will certainly help you get your aggression out in a way that is satisfying yet ultimately harmless. Musically the guitarwork on ‘Ravenous Abominations’ is outstanding. Being a guitarist myself this is the make or break consideration of any album: how are the songs structured and how well are they played? In the case of LOTD the answer is: with excellence. Every song is an incredible head banging, air-guitar experience worthy of being played at top volume on the best system you can find. For real fun do as I did for two weeks and blast this album through good earbuds at the gym - I can thank LOTD for lowering my 5K rowing record by a full two minutes.


Highlights include the post-intro opener, ‘Howling For Armageddon’, ‘Summon All Hate’, the title track and my personal favourite, ‘Doom Priest’ which features some nasty riffage infused with augmented minor chording. Legion of the Damned has produced a top rate thrash/death album for you to devour: ‘Ravenous Abominations’ deserves your ears and your dollars.


Reverend Rock’s Rating” 90/100


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