Review by Mark [04.21.15]


Leave the Living delivers an aggressive groove driven sound that is intensely heavy. The group’s debut full length “Pacifist” is a 9 track assault that will bring to mind the likes of Pantera, Lamb of God, and As I lay Dying .


“Pacifist”  shows some impressive song writing for a debut. The song “Undone” starts with an acoustic intro that morphs into some tasty lead guitar work, showing that the band is more than just unrelenting aggression. There are 2 instrumentals on the album, the aptly titled last track “Farewell” and “Open Sea” which consists of just Bass and Drums. Landing in middle of the record “Open Sea”  adds some nice atmosphere to what is a considerably heavy record.


Vocalist Justin Shadows delivery was one of the highlights of the album for me. He manages to, at times to come across like Phil Anselmo in his heyday. The powerful vocal cut through the heavy guitar riffs and the performance is just great.


The only real complaint I have with Leave the Living’s “Pacifist” is the production quality. While I don’t think a band like LTL needs crystal clear pristine production to convey their music I do think the album would have benefited from a better mix.  The drums at times seem buried which is a shame because the performances from drummer Sean Higgins and the rest of the band are great. I just wish I could have heard them a little clearer.


“Pacifist” is a straight to the point no nonsense heavy hitting debut. Production problems a side this album is definitely worth a listen.  I have had the opportunity to catch Leave the Living live and I look forward to see where they go from here.








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