Review by Mark Dillon [08.26.14]


  Laika combine the Gothenburg sound with a North American groove and intensity, the result is a giant slab of kick ass melodic death metal. Sommia the groups’ second full length release consists of 8 finely crafted songs and a dreamy and eloquent intro track called “The Restless Mind”.


  There some great guitar work on “Somnia” especially on tracks like “Fidelity” and the albums lone instrumental “Dream of Nothing”. The musicianship on this release is all-around solid. Vocalist Jordan Dorge has a powerful growl that cuts through the bands layered sound and the rhythm section add some crushing heaviness. My only complaint is the Keyboards, don’t get me wrong they are preformed wonderfully and add that extra element to Laikas’ sound but sometimes they seem to be lost in the mix. I would love to have heard the keys take a bit more of predominant roll, like they do in the aforementioned instrumental.


  I read on some site that Laika take their name from the Russian space dog that flew in the Sputnik 2 spacecraft. This begs the question is “Somnia” as cool as a fucking space dog? Not quite, but it is a dam good melodic death metal album. If you like the classic Gothenburg sound do yourself a favor and pick up the latest release from Laika.



Mark Dillon


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