Review by Ashley Strutt [11.29.14]


Kolony are a five peace hailing from Montreal, Canada. A new band for me which may be due to the lack of releases before this one which is the only one that I can find listed. This band is difficult to place into one genre as with a lot of bands these days. They appear to be a combination of  melodic power metal, NWOBHM and traditional metal. One thing that is certain is that they are modern sounding with fast riffs which I would consider border line thrash at times.


The introduction on the CD gives a false sense of security but a good idea of what to expect at points throughout this offering. What you get to start is a symphonic sound with guitars slowly coming in with increasing power and soon joined by drums. This leads straight in to track 2 when powerful, fast riffs kick in together with the drums and vocals which appear to be produced into a level that gives a sound where all the parts don't seem to be fighting one an other. The sound through the CD has two guitars which play different parts which frequently sound like  they're duelling but this is done so that it fits with the song and not to show of the players skills. In effect this makes it difficult to concentrate on just one piece of guitar work, and means that you may notice something new each time you play the CD. This applies to all of the tracks throughout this release which suggests that the music  needs to be actually listened to and not played in the back ground. Tracks 8 and 10 got my attention fairly quickly because 8 very much reminded me of a Metallica song in various places. Track 10 is somewhat different to the others because it has a Jazz brass sound which combined with the guitars, has been done well and rather enjoyable.



Ashley Strutt






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