Review by Scott "Dimetime" Nadeau [12.19.13]


2013 has been a big year for Kataplexis After losing Vocalist Kyle Ball  allot of people didn’t know what would happen to them in such a trying time and behind all the buzz and expectations in stepped vocalist Aaron Mayes, Delivering a Vocal onslaught that that is crushing to the ears and makes your heart skip a beat. From his guttural lows to his ear piercing highs his vocal deliverance on downpour is able to fill the shoes left behind with the fury you'd expect from a band like Kataplexis.


In terms of the guitar work Jordan Schritt is a great guitar player and no one can argue that but some of the riffs seem a bit recycled. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing because this is a Deathgrind band after all  But some listeners might like a little more variety. On that note there are a lot more riff driven songs on this album such as “padded” and “Bottom Feeder” which isn’t a common sight for a Deathgrind bands so it is a very nice change and carries the pace of this album nicely.


There is no filler material which is nice. Each song flows almost seamlessly from one to the next and that’s exactly what this album needs. As soon as it starts there is no holds barred metal attack.


What can I say about the drums? Dave Callahan is one hell of a drummer and his work really stands out on this record the difference the years have made on his drumming is very noticeable. And he is the rock that carries Downpour. His kicks match the guitar work perfectly and he knows exactly what he needs to do to push the melodies from good to great.

Overall Downpour is a great album and does mark a very large milestone for Kataplexis, moving foreword with a new singer and under a newly penned record deal this band has a lot to show the world and is on a war path to do so. Coming from multiple successful north American/ European tours and now multiple full length albums it is obvious why this band has a fan base this large. Even if you are not a fan of this style of music I highly recommend you check out this album the sheer aggression from start to finish is easy to please.


High: Aaron Mayes Delivers an incredible Debut performance with “stagnant” “Bottom Feeder” and “Padded” and there are a lot more riff driven songs then on the previous release.


Lows: Some but not all of the riffs are repetitive and some seem to be recycled from insurrection.


Bottom Line: Very impressive debut Performance from Aaron Mayes and a lives up to the bar set for Kataplexis in previous years. For fans of Deathgrind this is an album you want to have in your collection. For non fans it has the ability to grow on you.


4/5 Stars


Scott”DimeTime” Nadeau

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