Kaledon | Chapter IV Twilight of the Gods

Review by Ashley [08.03.15]


Rome based Kaledon are a band which has grown on me since their last release and I consider them to be one of the best power metal bands. Chapter IV-Twilight of the gods' is a re-release of their classic 2006 album by the same name but completely remastered by Giuseppe Orlando who also handled the original recording and the art work as also been revisited. This version also has the addition of two of the tracks recorded with the current line up which features new singer Michele Guaitoli.


Even without knowing that the album is based on a concept you can sense that this is set around an epic story which ensures that each track follows on perfectly from the previous one. Although best kept as an album each track can also stand up on its own . Each song as its own atmosphere and style but very much in evidence is the power from the guitars, drums and keyboards and how they are mix/produced together. I will admit that I haven't heard the original version I would say that this release has been mixed in a way that gives a sound which has blown me away, easily. The guitars on this release aren't lacking but not what I would call speedy. What is concentrated on and obvious is that the playing benefits the song with power and justice. The drums are right up there, speed changes ensure that they aren't the same or predictable all the way through one track, variation is good!


The vocals are strong and clear although when it fits with the story being told within the song then a unclean almost growl can be heard but in the main its the clear power vocals through this release.











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