Review by Ashley Strutt [11.29.14]


Kaledon is  a band which I have listened to off and on for a while and this is their 9th full release, their first being in 2002. It features a line up which as under gone a number of changes since the first release of a traditional heavy metal sound. However, it didn't take long for them to adopt a power metal sound which gives them the very European sound that hints at their origin of Rome. This release finds them sticking to this sound although other influences are hinted at.


The opening track “In Aeternum” is a typical majestic, symphonic sounding song that hints more at symphonic metal than power metal. This is quickly replaced by powerful drums and powerful guitars which have, at times, hints of mild thrash metal. The vocals are typical of the genre and remind me somewhat of Sonta Artica and Halloween.


As you may guess by the songs titles, they appear to be influenced around medieval period type stories and track three entitled “Friends Will Be Enemies” begins with the sound of clashing swords before a twin guitar attack comes in with powerful, fast drums. The following song is a much slower affair, although I certainly wouldn't call it  slow wimpy, Its at this point the album has a hint of a concept about it and that it requires proper, dedicated listening. This is partly confirmed in the following track and those follow on through the CD. Track 6 “The Party” certainly has music that fits with fast drumming and fine guitar work. This variable sound, even within each track, continues through the rest of the songs, all of which have a different sound giving them that individual feeling. The album finishes with an acoustic track, or that is what your supposed to think when it starts because the drums and guitars soon kick in.



Ashley Strutt






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