It's Subjective by Kaje #2


Force Rise the Sun


I think this falls somewhere into the spacy goth rock category. Maybe post grunge industrial. It’s weird in a neat kind of way, but the strained distorted vocals I could do without. Props to these guys for developing their own unique sound, something that would be at home in the credits for a scifi movie or a post apocalyptic video game. A band I will definitely be keeping an eye on, they do have potential somewhere underneath the echoes of angsty sounding vocals.





The Dark Spirit of Ages


Perfectly executed growls, wailing thrash guitar solos, punishing drums, solid uncomplicated bass lines. When melded together like these Hungarian maniacs have managed to do, you get a solid, no frills heavy as fuck album. You can’t not bang your head to these 5 deadly tracks. 8/10



Nachtterror/Altars of Grief

Of Ash and Dying Light


The problem with splits I find is that one side is usually considerably better than the other. With this split, I find the two bands complement each other very nicely with their mix of blackened doom metal. The symphonic bits on the Nachtterror side I find the most appealing on the record, and generally I prefer the vocals from the Altars side. Well rounded album something for everyone who enjoys black, doom and death metal.



Defect Designer

Ageing Accelerator


Blast beats. Brutal vocals. Heavily distorted guitar solo.  Ferocious head banging.  Cool bass line. A groovy break from the monotony of typical technical death metal on track 4. Track 7 is kinda neat as well, but there is too little variety and creativity to keep me interested in this album.







Even with the untimely departure of Jeff Hanneman, Slayer has churned out another great thrash album. It provides that warm, loving feeling that you can only get from being at the front of the wall of death. While this isn’t a ground breaking Slayer album like their 80’s albums, it’s a good sign that the band will continue on in Hanneman’s memory and write awesome tracks for us to mosh to. 7.5/10



Statue of Demur

Subhuman Ataxia


Vocals are a bit on the hoarse side and at times sound forced, but the music behind them is high quality. It’s a nice change in pace for the bass to be more pronounced and it allows the album to have both a chill feel as well as crazy bang your head vibe. The last couple minutes on Hypothetical Ultimatum is probably my favorite part of the entire album. I can dig it for the most part, but the vocals throw it off at times.




Under the Red Cloud


Piano? Check. Growls? Check. Epic clean vocals? Check. Well-written lyrics that you’ll be singing to by the second listen? Check. Ovary exploding arrangement of guitar solos and melodies? Check. This is easily one of the best albums Amorphis has come out with.





The End is Written


Between the name, the logo and the album art and the genre listed I was anticipating some doom metal. Maybe doom metal is different in Greece, this isn’t doomy at all. It makes more sense to file it under power metal. With that considered, it’s fairly good. Vocals have good range, music is heavy, definitely a band with potential that will be interesting to watch evolve. I’m still disappointed at the misleading

genre claim.



Wraith Monolith


Now this has the pronounced doom feeling that I’ve come to expect form bands that label themselves as such. It’s slow, conjures a feeling of foreboding and despair. The vocals vary from clean harmonics, to doomy bordering on black with eclectic samples and soprano. There are many different elements at play in these 6 diverse tracks.

 A good listen for sure.



The Silverblack

The Grand Turmoil


The overall cinematography is simple, and fairly well done. No gimmicks, just a straight forward black and white video of the band pretending to play their instruments. The track isn’t great, lacks the elements of both good industrial and good metal and unfortunately just combined the worst of each. Best part was the worm’s eye view of the scantily clad keyboardist.




Above Oceans

Van Gogh


 A prime of example of absolute garbage metalcore. Holy fuck. The album this track came from was obviously recorded in a bathroom by a baboon high on nitrous oxide. The same baboon that directed, recorded and edited this video. I’m 90% sure this is a joke, and a very unfunny one at that. At least 7170 of their 7176 likes on Facebook were bought, no way are people cruel enough to encourage this.




Iron Reagan

Rat Shit


This one has a bit of a story line, to go along with shots of the band playing. It’s an interesting concept. Leaves on a cliffhanger though. Good watch.





Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse


This video is creepy, gritty, and very well done. It matches the orthodox black metal music perfectly. The vocals are a bit to distant and incoherent for my liking, but the video is a work of art. It’s a shame that the maker of the video, Ian McKinney passed away shortly after completing it. 8/10



Exes For Eyes

My Life vs. Your Vacation


These are my favorite kind of videos. The tour videos. Not overdone, behind the scenes glimpse into tour life and of course the chance to see yourself in one of the crowd shots. Something as simple as a really good track and a entertaining video can go a long way and prove you don’t need a big budget to make a great music video.





Death Of A King


For a band signed to one of the biggest metal labels in the world, I was expecting a little more in terms of production. A camera floating around the band playing in an empty warehouse with some midlevel pyro technics is not very interesting to watch. I’ve seen lyric vides that are more visually appealing than this. Might as well just listen to the track of the album. Also, the two handed microphone is weird.




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