It's Subjective by Kaje #1


Into the Eyes of Satan


Inhuman drumming, incoherent vocals, definitely black metal. Not my thing.






I can't even concentrate enough to judge the cellos underneath the terrible hard rock vocals. Apocalyptica use to be powerful and beautiful, now it's miserable. Weak.







Put diverse vocal styles over top of some truly aggressive and punishing riffs and you have a great album. I can dig it.



Cattle Decapitation

The Anthropocene Extinction


Brutal melodies paired with assailing vocals. A perfect complement to the lyrics focused on our societies over consumption and needless destruction.




Unleash the Archers

Time Stands Still


UTA are experts of mixing beautiful symphonic vocals, evil gutturals and sweeping guitar solos into high energy anthems. This record is the epitome of that.




Carach Angren

This Is No Fairytale


In the Addams family, this is definitely a fairytale. A sinister, evil one, accompanied perfectly by a dramatic orchestra that plunges you into a horrific realm of madness. Haunting.



Every Hour Kills

 Almost Human


Love the sci-fi feel of this video. Not overdone, production is great. Killer track.





Second Attack


Cheesy green screen robot goodness. Highly entertaining.





Unleash the Archers

Tonight We Ride


This Mad Max-esque theme is great, although there is a worrying lack of chrome spray paint. Will they be witnessed?


Fear Factory



Pretty standard Fear Factory. Nothing remarkable, typical hollow clean vocals set to heavy industrial metal. Better than "Archetype," not as good as "Demanufacture."



Blind Guardian

Beyond the Red Mirror


From the operatic chants on "The Ninth Wave" to open the album to climatic guitar solos on "Grand Parade" we have a classic Blind Guardian album. Typical grandiose power metal chock full of layers of falsetto vocals, technical guitar solos, and an energy that is expected from Blind Guardian.







Endless Forms Most Beautiful


One of the best examples of symphonic metal, this album combines the soprano voice of classically trained Floor Jansen with the fanfare of an orchestra with heavy guitars and drums providing excellent depth. The choir is well utilized, however the falsetto male vocals, are a hindrance. A majority of females sing in pitches where they sound as if they are going to seriously hurt themselves. Not Floor. All around a good Nightwish album.



Every Hour Kills

Self Titled


This debut album by the Canadian melodic metal quartet is amazing. Lots of reverberated vocals with a good range, double kick goodness, sweeping guitar solos, a dose of djent, crushing bass riffs and a dash of some mechanical samples. The production on this album is so well done, it's worth noting. It's melodic, it's technical, and it's both calming and energizing. Its fucking tasty.





Starts of promising, heavy, proggy, but there is something about the vocals that is off. Could be the pitch, it's perhaps an octave too high. The growls sound very forced, and hoarse. Moving through the album there is a trend of wicked guitar solos ruined by misplaced vocals that come off as pure anguish. Relief is found in a few decent power metal breaks, but then the strained vocals again. This album is very progressive and eclectic although the tracks themselves are hit and miss. 6/10







One of the better Kamelot albums as far as I'm concerned, Tommy Karevik sings in his range and he brings a little bit of a heavier and darker feel to the album. Since the departure of Roy Khan, Kamelot has gotten less melancholy and poppy. It's still creeping on hard rock, but thanks to the guitar solos, still has a bit of an edge. I'm undecided on the harsh vocals, they sort of offer a nice compliment to the choir and female vocals on "Liar Liar," but it's minimal.




Iron Maiden

Book of Souls


Iron Maiden is my favorite band hand down and has been for over a decade, I hold them to a very high standard, an almost unfair standard. My initial thoughts on this album were ones of disappointment. It's regular Maiden formula, the galloping bass, the extended guitar solos, the mighty windpipe of Bruce. But it's lacking creativity, there are no classics on this album. Will they ever be able to best the masterpieces from pre 1992? I hope so.



Paradise Lost


This album is good, although it lacks... power. If you feel like being serenaded rather than sang at, this might be up your alley. I haven't seen them live, but I have a very vivid mental picture of a long haired Michael Buble crooning, meshed with rather apathetic guitar solos. The riffs are tight, the vocals soothing, but the growling is far too sparse for me. Might be hearing these guys on the mainstream radio in the near future.




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