Review by Scott Dimetime Nadeau [02.18.15]


The History of Norway's  Infernal Manes is not that "in depth". They recorded one EP in 2003 and pretty much vanished only to release a re-recording of 2003's Battle Of Souls under the self titled moniker in 2015 and rounding out a lineup consisting of members of Taake, Deathcult, Dead to This World and Gaahlskagg while they have their music deeply rooted in NWOBHM.


The band has also been influenced notably by Mercyful Fate which is clear on their cover of  " Come To The Sabbath" which isn't a half bad rendition of the song but over all this album doesn't have a lot to offer with vocalist T.J Solheim trying to but not quite hitting the mark of famous falsetto vocalists like Rob Halford and Ronnie james Dio. The First two tracks( Symphony of War and Infernal Manes) are mediocre in ways that seem like they were songs that didn't make the cut for iron maidens piece of mind. The third track (Mind Destructor) has more than one riff that is clearly and undoubtedly ripped off of Crazy Train and which might be fun for some die hards out there but not for every one.


Highs: Cover of Come to the sabbath


Lows: Obvious Rip off of iconic riffs in some songs (Crazy Train) and doesn't seem to have been worth the time and money to repress and re-release.


Bottom Line: they Seem to be ok with cover songs but don't expect much from this album. They are currently looking for a new lead vocalist and hopefully their next endeavor will be better.
















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