Review by Ashley [07.14.15]


Some releases are found by accident and this is one, although released in 2012 I have only become recently aware of it. The band as since released a couple of tracks but this seems to be their current main release. I found this EP lurking in a record store that I discovered in the past month and asked about any local bands and this was the only metal band on offer. They played the CD and I was immediately impressed. The band hail from Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK. I Cried Wolf are a five piece who label themselves as metal core with a combined frenzy of classic rock, metal and hardcore.



Very often I can tell I am on to a winner within the first few bars of a release and this was one such case. The guitars from the very start invites the listener with a welcome. The band describe themselves as metal core but this to me sounds like good hard metal with screaming gruff vocals with occasional more traditional metal. The guitar playing belies the band unsigned status with power riffs and lead work, in places the guitar work is just fantastic. The production for a demo/ep release is pretty damn good which ensures that the listener wants more. Most of the tracks see the mix fairly well done although there were parts where some instrument came to the fore, particularly the bass drums. I just hope that I cried Wolf follow this EP up in the near future. It was evident in places where there influences come through in the style of playing with the band taking it one step further with very occasional unexpected twists to the music.










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