Review by Ashley [07.14.15]


Hailing from Italy Hollow Haze are a band not entirely new to me since their previous release last year. This is the bands sixth full length release and second through Scarlet Records. This albums sound is clearly evidence that they are just getting better and better if that is at all possible. Hollow Haze was formed in 2003 by Nick Savio with the aim of a hard and heavy sound and judging by this release as been achieved and improved on. The actual sound coming from my speakers seems to be a perfect blend of power and symphonic metal although various web sites claim them to be progressive metal of which there is elements of throughout.


Memories of an Ancient Time has hard powerful guitars which can be only described as fast and furious that are slowed down where it suits the song. I would say that this has to be some of my favourite guitar playing so far this year. The drumming on this album is also damn good and just as fast as the guitars in places. The drum work has nicely been blended in to the mix so aren't booming and drowning out the vocals and any other instrument playing. The symphonic sound in various of the tracks seem to come and go which to me is evidence of thought as to how to use the sound to best suit the track. At times throughout this album there are times that I can almost hear the various influences of other bands but this may just be me. None of the tracks is what I call a filler, in fact they flow nicely into each other but with an obvious change.


I can say that I can recommend this CD with its constant and consistent power coming in to my ears.









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