Review by Ashley Strutt [02.18.15]


Furor Gallico hailing from Milan, Italy are the latest Celtic/ Folk metal to grab my attention. Formed with the idea of performing a new school of Italian Folk Metal they have released one EP and a full length album before this full release on Scarlet records. As with previous releases, Songs from the Earth features tracks in English and Italian. They claim in their biography to be the bards who live to pass on the lost Celtic world legends and that the band members take alternating roles in the song writing.


I really wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the bands name, even the first few bars didn't provide a hint. It wasn't long before the important side of this release was revealed. True hard hitting growling with spells of more clearer vocals against a back drop of folk metal. Many of the songs throughout the album reminded me of Elevitie in places, so if you like that band then you'll love these. The guitars are fast and but not in every song as they are played in accordance to the song which is often hard hitting and fast with changes within each track, occasionally powering down to make way for an instrument more in fitting with what the song is trying to say. The flute or tin whistle seems more noticeable within each track that it is heard but seems to be not truly over the top. Other instruments used within the Celtic/folk genre are also utilised throughout the record. Track 5, sees the speed somewhat slowed to what I would call a fast ballad speed. and the gruff vocals are hardly to be heard and replaced with a softer Italian sound.


 The production on this release is as near perfect as can be without being over produced, within this metal genre this album has got to be near the top of my favourites.



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