Review by Ashley [08.03.15]


Fallen  Angels is one of those bands that I wished that I found earlier, and it may be possible that I had heard the odd track via podcasts. Having listened to this album over the past few days I consider them one of the best thrash bands to have graced my ears for some time. This is the five pieces' third full release on the Metal for Metal label. Hailing from Seattle, Washington they were formed in 2004. This release sees two additions to the band, while at the same time the band continues to become more accomplished in its sound. The influence of the classic Seattle thrashers of the 80's certainly shows through in this group who appear to have progressed this style of metal to a higher level with their own musical personality on top.


On first play it is straight to the main body of the music with no intro track. Straight away the quality of the bands music shines through and blows your mind with a full on guitar attack. Throughout all of the tracks the guitars show a degree in playing speeds in typical thrash style. This varies from full on twin guitar attack to fast separate playing showing the musicians compliment each other well. Throughout there are clever twists and turns when you least expect it, this doesn't just apply to the guitars but the drums, bass and vocals as well. This ensures that the music as a nice essence to it, likely helped by well done mixing and production to reach the end result. The drums are full on but don't over power the songs in any way but are nicely mixed into the recording.  At first listen, the vocals sound old school with an updated twist, often reminding me of my old tunes.











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