Review by Ashley [04.21.15]


Ethereal are a recently discovered band for me having found them while looking around the Candlelight Records page on Bandcamp. Very often I find myself being impressed after a few bars into the record and this was just one of those times. Etheral hail from the city of Liverpool, UK and are a five piece with two EP releases, Hells Divine Existence (2005) and Revelation Beast (2011). Their early Black metal sound as given way to a more symphonic, black, death, doom metal sound so it may possibly appeal to various followers of these genres.


The sound that greets you on first play is a symphonic sound but this soon gives way to fast guitars and growling vocals which pretty much sets the pace through the record but it is done well with the vocals showing a good range and not just set in one monotonous drone through out which makes all of the tracks enjoyable. The guitar work is fantastic on all of the tracks on offer with a good degree of variation. The drum sound is pretty awesome as well but seems somewhat over powered by the guitars in places but whether this is intentional I don't know but if it is then is done in away that fits in with the sound offered by the band. The symphonic part of the recording is used sparingly but is done in a way that adds to the tracks. The over all way in which all of the musical parts are put together make this release one of my recent favourites, making it one that I can recommend.








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