Episode 20 [12.17.12]

"End of 2012"

with Varg, Hallows Die, and
Leave the Living

In this episode we talk with Timo Schwämmlein from Varg, we catch up with Hallows Die and in the band profile we take a look at Alberta's Leave the Living. Stay tuned until the end of the episode when we share some our favorite out takes over the past year.


Check out the bands in this episode

Varg | Hallows Die | Leave the Living

Episode 19 [11.17.12]

"Chilling with Oderus"

with GWAR, Barn Burner, Phantom Limb, and Blackest Sin

In this episode we speak with the mighty Oderus Urungus of GWAR. We also catch up with Montreal's Barn Burner and Calgary's Phantom Limb. And in the band profile we have Blackest Sin.


Check out the bands in this episode

Gwar | Barn Burner

Phantom Limb | Blackest Sin

Episode 17 [09.17.12]

"Metal Legends"

with Anvil, Kill Devil Hill,
Striker, and Titans Eve

In this episode we talk to Metal legends Rex Brown and Vinnie Appice of Kill Devil Hill, we also sit down with Anvil's Steve "Lips" Kudlow. Striker tell us how to turn a guitar into a flamethrower and Titans Eve tell us all about their latest album "Live Apocalypse".


Check out the bands in this episode

Kill Devil Hill | Anvil

Striker | Titan's Eve

Episode 16 [08.16.12]

"Crapton of Interviews"

with Skeletonwitch, Wretched and a look at Stage Diving

In this episode we catch up with Skeletonwitch and we talk to Wretched about their latest album "Son of Perdition" . Also we take a in depth look at stage diving including interviews with Anvil, Rex Brown, Vinnie Appice, Barn Burner, and Striker. The band profile this month features Alberta's own World Class White Trash.


Check out the bands in this episode

Skeletonwitch | Wretched

World Class White Trash

Kill Devil Hill Anvil | Striker | Barnburner

Episode 18 [10.16.12]

"Noctis V Special"

with Manilla Road,

Speedwolf and more

In this episode we take a look at this years Noctis Festival featuring interviews with Manilla Road, Speedwolf, Psychostick, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Scythia, and Phantom Limb. We also speak with Author/Journalist Martin Popoff and take a look at some live footage of Venom, Agalloch Pig Destroyer, and Grand Magus


Check out the Festival here:

Noctis 5 Official



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