Episode 25 [05.17.13]

"Heavy 420 Metalfest"

With Disciples of Power, XUL,

Bloated Pig, and Burning Effigy

In this episode we take a look back at last month's Heavy 420 Metalfest.
We spoke with the recently reunited Disciples of Power who headlined the event. We also caught up with BC`s XUL and Calgary`s Bloated Pig.
Burning Effigy also discuss their upcoming album.


Check out the bands in this episode

Discipiles of Power | XUL | Bloated Pig Villianizer | Vile Insignia | Lordosis

Blackest Sin


Episode 24 [04.17.13]

"The Return of Shred"

With Jeff Loomis, Battlecross,
and Chron Goblin

In this episode Jeff Loomis tells us about his signature Schecter guitar and the return of shred. Battlecross talk about heading in to the studio to record their new album. Chron Goblin get ready to head to Desertfest in London and the band profile introduces us to Victimize.


Check out the bands in this episode

Jeff Loomis | Battlecross

Chron Goblin | Victimize


Episode 22 [02.15.13]

"The Mighty Heavy Devy"

with Devin Townsend,
Emmure and Divinity

In this episode we chat with the mighty Devin Townsend, we also talk about writers block with Emmure's Frankie Palmeri. Calgarys Divinity fills us in on their future plans and the band profile introduces you to one of our favorites Vile Insignia.


Check out the bands in this episode

Devin Townsend | Emmure

Divinity | Vile Insignia

Episode 21 [01.17.13]

"Noctis Baphomiss Revisited"

with Manilla Road, Excrementory Grindfuckers and Villainizer

In this episode we take a deeper look a couple of bands we met at this years Noctis festival, Manilla Road talk about their upcoming album "Mysterium" and Germany's Excrementory Grindfuckers discuss their best of album "Aus Liebe Zum Geld". Also in this episode we chat with Canada's Villainizer about tackling racism with satire and the band profile features death metallers Display of Decay


Check out the bands in this episode

Manilla Road | Exrementory Grindfuckers Villianizer | Display of Decay

Episode 23 [03.17.13]

"Legendary Rockers"

with Audrey Horne, D.O.A.,

and Hellrazer

In this episode we speak with Arve Isdal (aka Ice Dale) from Audrey Horne and we catch up with legendary Punk Rockers D.O.A. Calgary's Hellrazer talk about there new album " Operation Overlord" and in the band profile Ides of Winter talk about getting inspiration from the cold.


Check out the bands in this episode

Audrey Horne | D.O.A. | Hellrazer

Ides of Winter


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