Review by Ireheart [12.19.13]


Enemyus  is a local Calgarian band that is always a blast to see live and not only does this great band have killer tunes, they are what I call "The Perfect Package" of musicians - each brings a unique and interesting aspect to the music. From the lead guitarist’s clearly blues/heavy metal inspired solos all the way to the vocalists’ use of harmonies, each song has a huge sound! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP and found it to be over a little too quickly - just when I was getting into the feel of it, it was over. Now Wait! This is not a bad thing. I think the boys in Enemyus have very cleverly gone about this EP. The length of the songs (usually around 3-4 minutes or so) makes them very accessible to mainstream audiences. From the "short and sweet" style of the song length all the way to just the right mixture of clean and harsh vocals, these tunes are very radio friendly! If I was the operator of a harder radio station I would definitely be playing this EP often!


Now on to the actual music! The EP begins with "Blood Stained Hands" which starts with an epic intro that settles Enemyus perfectly into the Groove Metal sound that they are famous for. Chuggy riffs, accented by short little interjections, constantly provide a very heavy feel for the listener. One aspect of Enemyus that I really respect is their intricate use of riffage. They play the original riff at the beginning of the song, and then throw bits and pieces of it into the fray throughout the rest of the tune an element which really speaks to the strength of the song writing. They deliver the mood effectively by creating an ever changing atmosphere around the main sound of the song instead of solely focusing on being crazy technical.


"Land of the Rain" is a perfect example of this technique. Now, the only negative point I can make about this album is that the riffs are easily identifiable. The listener can definitely say that the riffs are extremely close to something that Pantera or Soilwork could have done. Personally, I enjoy all of Enemyus` riffs but coming from an unbiased perspective, they could definitely be expanded upon.  This is not to say anything negative towards the musicianship of the band but rather just a suggestion that they could have expanded more on their uniqueness and spread it out over the length of the EP. For me the Songs that really jumped out of the standard groove metal stereotype were "Bloodstained Hands", "Hollowfied", and "Let Me out".


Greed Filled Way’s strong points are without a doubt the use of powerful introductions and atmosphere. The way that they layer harsh vocals over funky riffs characterizes a very heavy and groovy sound. Where they differ is in the song "Blood Stained Hands", where they inject little sweeping arpeggios at the end of each progression, an element also found in "Hollowfied". Another device they use is the accentuation of riffs through the drums, a technique that could be used much more in metal in general as I see it.

The sound of this album is definitely next level! There were a few instances where the guitar tracking was a bit skewed in the mix, but for the most part everything is top notch! All I have to say to the Gents in Enemyus is: We Want More!!!!


I grade this album a 95% based on production, composition, production, and atmospheric delivery.



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