Review by Will McGinnis [03.13.14]


Endless Chaos' new songs from their latest EP are really played out well. The single, called "Rejected Atrocity", shows endless horizons just as their band name entails. The guys stay true, and just as vocalist Jordan Dorge has said, “We give you the best taste of what’s to come of Endless Chaos".


"Rejected Atrocity" counts in at just under four minutes and the guys need no more time than that to show you why this is their single. One of my favourite parts of the song is at around the forty second mark where the riff transitions - well done guys. I also liked what they did with the bridges as well as ending the song when needed and not having it drag on.


The longest song on the EP is “Condemned to the Pit” and if you need a great wake up to put you in a bloody good mood, crank this one up in the early morning. This track is where their black metal influences show up, coming in at about the middle of the song which gave me that "UMPH" to help conquer the day a little better. This is no doubt a song that would help any live venue enter into a state of "Endless Chaos".


In my opinion the best song on the EP is "Sacrificial Ritual". When I heard that snare being slammed by drummer James Burton, I had this itchy feeling this was going to become my favourite tune on the release. Sure enough, that itchy feeling was making me want to hear it repeatedly, seven more times in fact. The musicianship of both Mike, Jeff and James is just overwhelming, and the kickass vocals of Jordan are just wicked on this track. At the one minute forty-five mark I got the feeling in my chest that the song was going somewhere, then sure enough at two minutes forty seconds, it fulfilled that promise - I banged my head and tapped my foot maniacally. I would absolutely recommend this tune to anyone.


In closing, this free EP is great. "Endless Chaos" is simply continuous endless chaos! I would love to have the opportunity to see them live and hope that they come within driving distance. Failing to take advantage of that chance would be very foolish so go see them, bang your head and contribute whatever you can to the endless chaos – I am certainly looking forward to doing that when the band plays Calgary Metalfest at Vern’s Bar on Saturday June 7.


Visit the band’s Bandcamp page to download “Rejected Atrocity” here:





Extreme Metal Tv rating: 85/100

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