Review by Ashley Strutt [11.29.14]


Dysnomia are new to me and one that seems to be hard to track down as there appears to be two metal bands with the same name. This album is from the band that hails from Vigo, Pontevedra and is their first full length on the Suspiria label which was recorded at Ultrasound studios. The sound offered on this release is thrash/death metal although there is a hint of tradition metal and possibly some power metal mixed in. Unlike a lot of bands, this music offers very little indication of the bands country of origin.


The CD itself begins with an introduction of the talking news type with the music making its way to your ears which then takes over with a hard hitting sound which consists of hard hitting thrashy death metal. This is to be found throughout the album, however, there are changes in speed which adds to the pleasure endured during listening. A number of the tracks have keyboard parts but these are mostly limited to filling in where the sound fits, not plastered all over the place thus adding to the appeal. The drums are not over powering but produced to the level that matters and complements the guitars. The guitar parts are well done and don't sound over produced while at the same time sound like a combination of a number of influences which makes them as near perfect to the reviewers ears as they can be. The vocals are guttural and clear at the same time. The whole thing is well produced but not overly produced. As hinted by the songs title, Serenade is the only slowish track on the cd which has a little extra keyboards on than other tracks but also has no vocals.


9.5/10 Perfect for waking you up!

Ashley Strutt






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